1 Scope and purpose

The present regulations summarise the rules applicable on the CAMPUS SITE St. Johann Basel.

The CAMPUS SITE is a mixed-use site. They are home to industrial operations of Novartis with a focus on life science (research, manufacturing and distribution in the field of pharmaceutical, chemical, medical-technical and biotechnological products) and third-party operations specialising in different areas. The site will be partially open to the public from autumn 2022.

The regulations should ensure compliance with the mandatory safety regulations required for this purpose, enable the various GROUPS OF PERSONS to co-exist, and ensure orderly, safe and efficient operation for all.

As the owner, Novartis Pharma AG coordinates the use of the CAMPUS SITE.

These regulations apply to all NOVARTIS EMPLOYEES who work on the CAMPUS SITE. They apply in all AREAS OF THE SITE.

The remaining internal regulations and standards are not replaced by the present site regulations and continue to apply.

The regulations also apply to all other GROUPS OF PERSONS working and staying on the CAMPUS SITE. Unless expressly stated otherwise, the regulations apply exclusively outside the RENTED AREA for PERSONS OF TENANTS. Tenants and third-party companies shall ensure the appropriate implementation of and compliance with these site regulations, including the regulations and guidelines set out below.
NOVARTIS EMPLOYEES who are in the rented area are also subject to any rules imposed by the tenants.

Text formatted in CAPITAL LETTERS are defined terms (Clause 1.3) or points of contact (Clause 1.4).

Areas of the site


Entire Campus site with buildings, mobile facilities, adjoining facilities (such as parking areas, sports club), parking facilities, lawn areas and other open areas; enclosing the PUBLICLY ACCESSIBLE and ACCESS-CONTROLLED AREA




Closed off and/or secured areas (Novartis works premises, technical and security operations and leased areas within the access controlled area)


Rental property in accordance with the rental agreement, which shows the rented areas and rooms


Public thoroughfare on the CAMPUS SITE marked as an meeting zone

The campus plan (Annex 1) shows the areas of the site.


Groups of persons


Persons who do not have access rights to the ACCESS-CONTROLLED AREA


Persons who require access to an ACCESS-CONTROLLED AREA and have been invited and registered as guests by NOVARTIS EMPLOYEES, by PERSONS OF TENANTS or by PERSONS OF THIRD-PARTY COMPANIES


Persons who are employed by Novartis and have restricted or unrestricted access to the ACCESS-CONTROLLED AREA


Employees or agents of tenants who are located on the CAMPUS SITE and have access to the rented area within or outside the ACCESS-CONTROLLED AREA


Employees or agents of third-party companies who provide services for Novartis and/or tenants (for example tradesmen) and require access to the ACCESS-CONTROLLED AREA for a limited time


Additional definitions


Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) organisation that is the contact person for the Novartis units on the CAMPUS SITE. It defines the HSE standards for Novartis and the CAMPUS SITE, ensures communication with the authorities for Novartis and coordinates the HSE activities of Novartis and the individual HSE CONTACT PERSONS


Person designated by tenants and third-party companies who is responsible for health protection, safety and environmental protection in their organisations and ensures communication with the Campus HSE ORGANISATION


Person designated by tenants and third-party companies, who is responsible for the coordination in the event of an incident in their organisation and ensures communication with Novartis Emergency Management (NEM)


Person designated by Novartis who is responsible for the respective building (infrastructure, mobile systems of Novartis) and in this context is the contact person for NOVARTIS EMPLOYEES, PERSONS OF TENANTS and PERSONS OF THIRD-PARTY COMPANIES


The following paragraphs provide details of the relevant points of contact.



+41 61 696 01 12


+41 61 324 09 20
[email protected]







2 Campus access

Access to and exit from the CAMPUS SITE is only permitted via the designated entrances and exits.

PUBLIC VISITORS will have access from autumn 2022 during defined opening hours. Reference is made to the provisions in clauses 5.1 and 5.2.

Access to ACCESS-CONTROLLED AREAS is not permitted to PUBLIC VISITORS. Access is reserved exclusively to REGISTERED VISITORS, NOVARTIS EMPLOYEES, PERSONS OF TENANTS and PERSONS OF THIRD-PARTY COMPANIES with valid access authorisation.

Access to ACCESS-CONTROLLED AREAS is only permitted with valid access authorisation.

Unauthorised access to an ACCESS-CONTROLLED AREA, the transfer of access authorisation to a third party or the misuse of an access authorisation will be registered and, if necessary, punished with further measures (withdrawal of access authorisation, criminal complaint, etc.).

Reference is made to the provisions in Clause 5.

It is not permitted to bring animals into buildings. Assistance dogs are excluded from this regulation. Dogs must be kept on a lead throughout the CAMPUS SITE.

3 General rules of conduct

All NOVARTIS EMPLOYEES are obliged to comply with all regulations applicable to their area. If there are questions about specific regulations or if there is uncertainty about their interpretation, you should consult your supervisor. If this is not possible in exceptional cases, NOVARTIS EMPLOYEES are instructed to act in compliance with the Novartis internal and legal regulations, carefully and under their own responsibility. NOVARTIS EMPLOYEES are invited, but not obliged, to make persons present on the CAMPUS SITE aware of the need to comply with these regulations.

Clause 3.1 shall apply mutatis mutandis to PERSONS OF TENANTS and PERSONS OF THIRD-PARTY COMPANIES. Tenants and third-party companies shall independently ensure compliance with the applicable regulations in their organisations and that they act with due care and responsibility in accordance with the rules.

The CAMPUS SITE must be used by all groups of persons in accordance with the rules, carefully and in compliance with the safety regulations. All buildings, mobile facilities, adjacent facilities (such as parking areas, sports club), parks, lawns and other open spaces etc. must not be soiled or damaged.

All GROUPS OF PERSONS are required to only use the footpaths, unless green areas are expressly approved for general use.

Picnics and barbecuing on the CAMPUS SITE are not permitted without permission.

Sports activities and games that may disturb other persons are not permitted. Sound reproduction devices may not be used in a harassing manner.

The use of drones or similar remote-controlled flight objects on the CAMPUS SITE is not permitted.

Waste must be disposed of in the waste containers provided.

Events as well as the use of spaces on the site, for example by setting up a stand in front of a building, are subject to approval in all areas of the site for all groups of persons. Private events in the restaurant establishments and within the rented areas are excluded from the approval requirement.

Approval must be requested in writing from Basel SITE COMMUNICATIONS & EVENTS in good time before such events.

Authorised use of space for events or the use of spaces on the site shall be subject to compliance with the applicable Novartis regulations (security, HSE, serving of alcohol, etc.) and any additional requirements.

NOVARTIS EMPLOYEES are not permitted to carry out private secondary business (such as commercial trading in goods or brokering services) within the CAMPUS SITE.

The consumption of and trading in drugs is prohibited on the entire CAMPUS SITE including the RENTED AREAS.

Working under the influence of alcohol and drugs is prohibited.

The dispensing and consumption of alcohol on the CAMPUS SITE requires approval. This also applies to PERSONS OF TENANTS outside of the RENTED AREAS. Such approval must be requested in writing in good time and in advance from BASEL SITE COMMUNICATIONS & EVENTS.

On the entire CAMPUS SITE, including the RENTED AREAS, smoking is only permitted at the designated smoking points marked for this purpose.

The posting or distribution of private messages on the CAMPUS SITE is not permitted except on the notice boards provided for this purpose.

The distribution of company-internal communications, flyers or advertising materials and the attachment of posters are subject to approval. Such approval must be requested in writing in good time and in advance from BASEL SITE COMMUNICATIONS & EVENTS.

In principle, approvals are only granted for the PUBLICLY ACCESSIBLE AREA if the content is relevant for all GROUPS OF PERSONS. Internal company campaigns are only possible in the ACCESS-CONTROLLED AREA.

The rights of internal staff organisations to request information are guaranteed.

The posting or distribution of private notices and the distribution of internal company notices, flyers or advertising materials as well as the display of posters within the RENTED AREAS is exempt from the approval requirement and permitted. The contents must not be in any way defamatory, reprehensible or discriminatory.

Except for operational purposes, photography and filming (including with mobile phones) is prohibited in all buildings.

As an exception, photography and filming in buildings may be approved after prior written application to the NOVARTIS SECURITY HELPDESK.

Photography and filming within the RENTED AREAS is reserved and permitted. Photographing and filming from the RENTED AREAS in other, non-leased areas is prohibited.

4 Health protection, safety, environmental protection

4.1.1 Compliance with regulations and due diligence
All GROUPS OF PERSONS on the CAMPUS SITE shall comply with the statutory regulations regarding the guarantee of health, safety and environmental protection.

NOVARTIS EMPLOYEES are obligated to exercise due care within the scope of their work and, in accordance with their professional knowledge, are personally responsible for avoiding unnecessary and disruptive influences caused by substances in the form of dusts, gases, vapours, biological materials and the like, or by physical influences such as odours, radiation, noise, vibrations and the like. Company work instructions, notices, prohibition signs, instruction signs and other markings must be observed.

Personal protective equipment (PPE) must be worn at all times in those areas where it is necessary to wear it or where other hygiene clothing is prescribed.

Clause 4 shall apply mutatis mutandis to PERSONS OF TENANTS and PERSONS OF THIRD-PARTY COMPANIES. Tenants and third-party companies are independently responsible for compliance with and implementation of health protection, safety and environmental protection, including the regulations and guidelines for their organisation set out below.

4.1.2 Keeping safety equipment clear
Emergency exits, escape and rescue routes must be kept clear at all times. Access to fire extinguishers, manual fire alarms, hydrants, emergency showers and first aid facilities must be unobstructed at all times. Fire doors must not be blocked.

The areas to be kept clear can be found in the campus plan (Appendix 1).

4.1.3 Execution of work
As a general rule, no work may be started if its safe completion is not guaranteed and the relevant work permits have not been obtained.

If you have any questions, consult your HSE CONTACT PERSON.

4.2.1 General
All NOVARTIS EMPLOYEES, PERSONS OF TENANTS and PERSONS OF THIRD-PARTY COMPANIES are obliged to report to their supervisor without delay any danger to safety, health and environmental protection that they detect, as well as any defects or faults in protective devices and systems.

If an unsafe situation or conduct contrary to the rules is determined with regard to the prevention of work-related accidents, work-related health hazards or environmental protection, intervention must be taken and the competent authorities must be informed.

Equipment and facilities, in particular protective devices, must be used in accordance with the regulations and may not be removed, modified, bypassed or rendered ineffective without the written consent of the Facility Coordinator of the building.

Operating and company instructions must be strictly observed. Changes must be approved in writing by the author or a supervisor.

Defects or damage to buildings, traffic routes, operating facilities and equipment, in particular to protective devices and equipment, must be reported immediately to the supervisor or the FACILITY COORDINATOR OF THE BUILDING. This also applies to defects and damages to systems and equipment that result in a potential environmental impact.

4.2.2 HSE and NEM contact person
The CAMPUS HSE ORGANIZATION and the respective HSE CONTACT PERSONS of tenants and third-party companies must ensure the health and safety of their employees as well as environmental protection. They shall ensure compliance with the valid legal regulations in their organizations. Tenants and third party companies shall designate an HSE CONTACT PERSON and NEM CONTACT PERSON responsible for their organization and shall pass on their personal details to the CAMPUS HSE ORGANISATION.

The HSE CONTACT PERSONS shall act as security officers and ensure the connection to the CAMPUS HSE ORGANISATION and BASEL SITE SECURITY. The CAMPUS HSE ORGANISATION shall ensure communication between all HSE CONTACT PERSONS, NEM CONTACT PERSONS and Novartis Emergency Management. The HSE CONTACT PERSON is the first point of contact for questions of safety and health protection in the company.

The CAMPUS HSE ORGANISATION or the HSE CONTACT PERSONS respectively shall ensure in their area of responsibility that all NOVARTIS EMPLOYEES, PERSONS OF TENANTS and PERSONS OF THIRD-PARTY COMPANIES complete the necessary training courses on the subject of health, safety and environmental protection. They shall provide the necessary tools for personal protection and ensure that they are used in accordance with the regulations.

Should an incident occur with effective or potential health and environmental impacts, a malfunction, an accident or a medical emergency, the HSE CONTACT PERSON must be informed immediately and the ALARM CENTRE must be alerted.

When the building siren sounds, close all windows and doors, secure the workplace and leave the buildings following the signalled escape route to the assembly point. All persons must be instructed to evacuate. Particularly vulnerable persons must be supported. The lifts may not be used under any circumstances. Wait until new instructions are issued at the assembly point.

The instructions of the emergency services (fire brigade, first-aid service, incident service, plant security) must be followed at all times. They have authority to issue instructions.

The OCCUPATIONAL MEDICAL SERVICE shall ensure first aid in the event of accidents and medical emergencies. PERSONS OF TENANTS, PERSONS OF THIRD-PARTY COMPANIES as well as public and registered visitors are responsible for follow-up care.

The relevant legal regulations on environmental protection must be complied with unconditionally. The polluter is liable for violations and any resulting civil and criminal consequences.

NOVARTIS EMPLOYEES, PERSONS OF TENANTS and PERSONS OF THIRD-PARTY COMPANIES are responsible for carrying out safe and environmentally friendly processes. Resources must be used sparingly.

Environmental hazards must be excluded. If they should nevertheless occur, the CAMPUS HSE ORGANISATION must be informed immediately.

Emissions must be avoided or limited to the necessary extent.

Waste must be disposed of properly. No waste or foreign substances (solids, fats, oils, food residues, chemicals, paints, medicines, toxins, etc.) may enter the sewage system. For the disposal of laboratory and production wastewater, the relevant Novartis HSE guidelines must be observed.

The substances used must be handled, stored and made available in accordance with the legal requirements so that they do not pose a risk to people or the environment at any time.

For the open handling of carcinogenic, mutagenic, reproduction-harmful, acutely toxic, fire-hazardous or similar substances as well as environmentally hazardous substances, a risk analysis must be carried out before starting the activity and coordinated with the CAMPUS HSE ORGANISATION.

Detailed information on HSE-relevant topics such as the Novartis HSE regulations for the Basel works (HSE guidelines and directions, process descriptions, laboratory rules, forms, etc.) as well as the names of the relevant contact persons at Novartis can be viewed and obtained at:

- For Novartis employees: HSE Basel (novartis.net)
- For tenants and third-party companies: HSE External - Home (novartis.net)

5 Site security and data protection

NOVARTIS SITE SECURITY is responsible for access to the CAMPUS SITE and especially to the ACCESS-CONTROLLED AREAS and for security on the CAMPUS SITE. This department issues the corresponding access authorisations and carries out regular checks.

The PUBLICLY ACCESSIBLE AREA of the CAMPUS SITE is freely accessible to everyone during opening hours. Outside these opening hours, as well as at weekends and on public holidays, access authorisation is required (clauses 5.3 and 5.4).

Unauthorised access to an ACCESS-CONTROLLED AREA, the transfer of access authorisation to a third party or the misuse of an access authorisation are registered and, if necessary, punished with further measures (collection of access authorisation, criminal complaint, etc.).

The CAMPUS SITE is video-monitored to protect persons and objects from criminal acts or to prosecute such acts.

The video cameras are limited to the site (see Campus Plan, Annex 1). There is no monitoring of public areas outside the CAMPUS SITE.

The DATA PROTECTION OFFICER provides information on data protection.

The PUBLICLY ACCESSIBLE AREA of the CAMPUS SITE is freely accessible during opening hours for all GROUPS OF PERSONS, in particular also for PUBLIC VISITORS.

Access to ACCESS-CONTROLLED AREAS is generally prohibited to PUBLIC VISITORS. It is reserved exclusively for the other GROUPS OF PERSONS with corresponding access authorisation.


The access authorisation must be returned after expiry or after leaving the company.

Guests of NOVARTIS EMPLOYEES or of PERSONS OF TENANTS who require access to ACCESS-CONTROLLED AREAS must be registered in advance by the host. REGISTERED VISITORS receive an ID. The ID card is personal and non-transferable.

An ID card for REGISTERED VISITORS is issued for a maximum of five working days and can be extended a maximum of three times. In principle, it is only valid as an access authorisation during opening hours. In the event of prolonged work activities or activities carried outside of opening hours in an ACCESS-CONTROLLED AREA, a photo ID must be applied for.

REGISTERED VISITORS must be picked up by their host at the main port, at the Visitor Center (Fabrikstrasse 6) or in front of defined buildings (see Campus Plan, Annex 1) and accompanied during the stay in the ACCESS-CONTROLLED AREAS.

The ID card must always be worn openly and clearly visible in ACCESS-CONTROLLED AREAS and must be presented without being asked to do so when entering buildings.

The ID must be returned as soon as it has expired or is no longer needed.

Access to the technical operations (such as laboratory and production areas) and to other safety operations is only permitted for REGISTERED VISITORS with the approval of the responsible plant management.

NOVARTIS EMPLOYEES must secure their workplace when going away and securely lock away confidential files as well as laptops and mobile phones (clean desk policy).

Computers, laptops and mobile phones must be secured in such a way that no access can take place without logging in.

NOVARTIS EMPLOYEES must obtain a permit (Choice with Responsibility [novartis.net]) to take along their own materials.

For safety reasons, chemicals and empty containers may not be taken along for private purposes.

The copying of commercial software belonging to Novartis without corresponding permission/licence is not permitted.

NOVARTIS SITE SECURITY is authorised to carry out inspections.

Mail that appears suspicious must be reported to ALARM CENTRE to be opened and investigated. In addition to suspicious mailings, the alarm centre also opens mailings with unclear recipients. In these cases, the receiving person is always informed.

Lost and found objects may be handed in at the main gate (cf. Campus Plan, Annex 1) or returned to reception.

6 Mobility regulations

The separate mobility regulations regulate the details of traffic and parking on the CAMPUS SITE. They rank behind the present Site Regulations and can be obtained from SITE PARKING MANAGEMENT. The following principles apply.

• The regulations of the Road Traffic Act and the Mobility Regulations apply throughout the CAMPUS SITE.

• Transport with motorised vehicles is only permitted with approval.

• Access to the CAMPUS MEETING ZONE with bicycles (including e-bikes) is permitted.

• As an exception, a permit can be granted by SITE PARKING MANAGEMENT for brief access to the CAMPUS MEETING ZONE with other motorised vehicles.

• It is prohibited, on the entire CAMPUS SITE, to use electrically powered micromobility vehicles such as one-wheelers and two-wheelers, e.g. Segway, e-scooter, Solowheel, Smartwheel or skateboard.

• Motorcycles and motorbikes (vehicle categories A and M) from NOVARTIS EMPLOYEES, PERSONS OF TENANTS and PERSONS OF THIRD-PARTY COMPANIES may only travel directly between Gate 36 and WJS-502.

• Cars belonging to parking permit holders must be parked outside the campus meeting zone in the campus parking areas (main gate car park, Hüningen car park, PP4 car park).

• Any vehicles may only be parked on the entire Campus site in the designated parking areas.

• Under no circumstances may green and park areas or lawn areas be used for parking.

7 Liability

Use of the CAMPUS SITE is at your own responsibility and risk.
Novartis declines any liability for personal injury, property damage and financial losses arising from or in connection with the use of the CAMPUS SITE. Novartis also declines all liability for objects, valuables or vehicles left behind, mixed up, lost, stolen or damaged. Thefts must be reported to the ALARM CENTRE.
Novartis does not tolerate any immoral, offensive or generally criminal or damaging behaviour on the entire CAMPUS SITE.
In the event of impermissible use that leads to damage to the detriment of Novartis, the user of the Novartis CAMPUS SITE must compensate Novartis for the damage.
Novartis assumes no liability for theft of personal items, valuables and cash. Thefts must be reported to the ALARM CENTRE.

8 Breaches of the Site regulations

BASEL SITE SECURITY is responsible for the implementation and monitoring of these site regulations on the CAMPUS SITE. Regular checks are performed. Novartis Site Security is authorised to control all GROUPS OF PERSONS.

The instructions of the control personnel must be followed at all times.

Breaches of these site regulations are punished by BASEL SITE SECURITY and the offending party will be notified by means of a report form. They may be reported to the public. If NOVARTIS EMPLOYEES are involved, they can be brought to the attention of the supervisor.

If the owner of a vehicle parked improperly cannot be identified, BASEL SITE SECURITY reserves the right to install an immobilizer with corresponding cost consequences for the vehicle owner.

9 Effective date

These site regulations were developed and updated with the involvement of the internal staff representatives. It enters into force on March 1, 2022.

Basel, 16/02/2022
Novartis Pharma AG

Dr Marcia Perrin
HSE Head Region Switzerland & Headquarters Basel

Jorinde Behrens
REFS Head Switzerland

Copies to: Labour Inspectorate Basel-City and KIGA Basel-Landschaft

Published by:

Real Estate & Facility Services
Customer & Technology Solutions
Novartis Pharma AG
Novartis Campus, Basel
CH-4002 Basel
© Novartis Pharma AG

This document is also available in German and French. All language versions can be viewed at the CAMPUS HSE ORGANISATION.



Campus access controlled Area


Campus Publicly Accessible Area