Novartis Pavillon is where the wonders of medicine come to life. Make your way through four interactive exhibition areas that explore life, disease, the history of medicine and the future of healthcare.

A space full of life

Designed by Italian designer and architect Michele De Lucchi, Novartis Pavillon stands as a beacon for openness, sustainability and forward thinking. Wood and other natural materials are used in innovative ways that evoke the feel of a living building, while transparent surfaces and a harmony with outside greenery create the perfect environment for inspiring encounters.

Visitors listening to the patient stories

The fragility of life

Where do diseases come from? Explore the miraculous things our bodies do every day, the impact that illness can have, and how progress in medical science is helping to improve and extend people’s lives around the world. Plus, discover the personal side of illness, with immersive stories from patients and their families that show the reality of living with a severe disease.

Production part from the windows of the section "From Lab to Patient".

From lab to patient

How is medicine made? Step into the shoes of researchers, production specialists and clinical trial specialists to learn and experience how new drugs are developed from start to finish. Plus, discover the dramatic challenges and revelations that led to the creation of a life-changing medicines.

Visitors watching videos from the section "History of Medicine" | ©Rasmus Hjortshøj - COAST

Steps through time

What path led us to modern healthcare? Explore the history of medicine and how centuries of innovation have helped create today’s advanced treatments. Discover milestones in medical science  and how they contributed to wider progress in healthcare. Or scan a giant interactive map to learn how Basel and its industry  have evolved over more than a century.

Visitors participating in discussion about the future of healthcare | ©Rasmus Hjortshøj - COAST

The future of healthcare

What will healthcare look like in the future? After learning about the impact and processes of medical progress, it’s time to join the discussion about how it could and should develop. Discover how advancing science could push medicine forward, and explore the big questions around topics like access to medicine, the use of artificial intelligence and the ethical consequences of treatments such as cell and gene therapies.


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Novartis Pavillon Advisory Board

Novartis Pavillon Advisory Board

From left to right: Gerd Folkers (Professor emeritus Pharmaceutical Chemistry), Hortensia von Roda (President Sturzenegger-Stiftung), Dirk Schübeler (Director FMI​), Julia Wentzlaff-Eggebert (Head of Communication and Marketing, kHaus)​, Marcel Tanner (Professor emeritus Epidemiology and Medical Parasitology),
Martin Dätwyler (Director Basel Chamber of Commerce), Eva Pauline Bossow (Business and Innovation Management Entrepreneur) and Botond Roska (Director IOB).

The Advisory Board of the Novartis Pavillon brings together experts from a wide range of disciplines from science, art and culture. The aim of the deliberately diverse team is to develop a factual and authentic dialogue between industry and society. This should be oriented towards the needs and concerns of the people and contribute to strengthening trust between business and the general public.


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