The Novartis Campus offers a network for discussion and collaboration in life sciences. Here, associates from around the world come together to advance medicine, healthcare, and bioscience for patients’ benefit.


Two people in conversation walking up a wooden staircase

Making progress together

The Novartis Campus offers an environment that supports collaboration and facilitates progress.

"The opening of Novartis Campus is an evolution into a more open, communicative and collaborative culture. It will establish itself as a place of knowledge, encounters and interaction."


Matthias Leuenberger, Country President Novartis Switzerland


Novartis Campus riverside

The Novartis Campus Basel was opened to start-ups, institutes, companies, and partners that are active in the field of life sciences in 2020 as the next step on the journey towards reinforcing the site as a campus of knowledge and propelling the region’s economy even further forward. 

Forum Area Novartis Campus

Strengthening the dialogue between the life sciences industry and society at large: from October 3 2022 onward, the Novartis Campus will be open to the general public Mondays to Fridays from 07:00 - 19:00.

Novartis Campus maingate

The Novartis Campus will be publicly accessible via five entrances. Visitors are welcome to explore our green areas, stores and a variety of cafés and restaurants. Access to office, laboratory and production buildings will continue to be reserved for our associates.

A scientist in a lab coat searching for items in an open cupboard

Reimagining medicine

At Novartis, our goal is to reimagine medicine to improve and extend people’s lives.