Through its modern and interactive design, the exhibition can spark students’ interest in biology and medicine and help them understand scientific methods. Topics in the exhibition can serve as support for certain teaching objectives in the Swiss curriculum, Lehrplan 21.

Lehrplan 21

In lower secondary school, grade 3, Understanding the nature and importance of science and technology 

  • Learning how scientific methods (NT 1)
  • Understand body functions/assess treatments for common diseases (NT 7)
  • Analyzing and explaining the basics of genetics (NT 8)

In upper secondary grades 1-3

Subject: Biology

  • Formulate independent and critical arguments
  • Write scientific reports
  • Understand the process of drug development
  • Understand the history of medical progress
  • Dealing with ethical issues in science and health care
  • Understanding anatomy and physiology
  • Understanding genetic engineering
  • Understand how the immune system works
  • Understand infectious diseases

Download teacher materials for a visit focused on the topic of genetic engineering.

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We are developing handouts on other topics related to the Swiss curriculum in cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland.