Novartis Pavillon is a new exhibition space for Basel, located on Novartis Campus. It’s a place for community and shared knowledge, where everyone can learn about, explore and engage with the wonders of medicine – and it’s opening in spring 2022.




How is medicine made? Why do diseases develop? What will healthcare look like in the future?

Novartis Pavillon will be home to an interactive exhibition that explores the past, present and future of medicine, healthcare and life sciences. It will shine a new light on how we treat and care for our bodies, tackling some of medicine’s biggest questions along the way.

People viewing an interactive media wall that is showing data visualization




Built for the future

Novartis Pavillon stands as a beacon for openness, sustainability and forward thinking. Designed by Italian designer and architect Michele De Lucchi, the building combines natural materials and transparent surfaces to create the perfect environment for inspiring encounters.

People gathering in a spacious hallway within Novartis Pavillon, surrounded by high wooden walls




Where science meets art

As well as offering a window into the world of medicine, Novartis Pavillon will also be a home for artistic expression inspired by science and innovation. The building is covered by a huge media façade – a network of more than 10,000 energy-generating LED modules, powered by solar cells, that light up at night to display stunning large-scale work from a revolving roster of artists. And there’s creativity to discover at ground level too, with a varied collection of sculptures and installations dotted around the building.

The colorful LED media façade of Novartis Pavillon lit up at night



Novartis Pavillon opens in spring 2022

More information coming soon.